Let go of limiting beliefs, limiting decisions, negative emotions, and strategies that aren't working for you

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Life coaching

Most people go through life without stopping to evaluate how each area of their life is going.

They simply get a ‘sense’ or ‘feeling’ of how things are going overall which can lead to feeling confused about what needs to change for things to improve.

By working with me, you will let go of the past, calibrate on where you are now, and set in place the mindset that will create the life you want.

Over the course of 6-12 months we will:

  • Discover how you’ve created your current life experience by completing in-depth assessments and conversational analysis

  • Help you let go of the past (negative emotions, limiting decisions, limiting beliefs)

  • Get in touch with what motivates you to do what you do so your ‘WHY’ is clear and congruent

  • Resolve any internal conflict which prevents you from making clear decisions in the right direction

  • Work through each area of your life, set goals, and develop the strategies and infrastructure you need to successfully complete them

  • Develop your understanding of your psychology so you can self regulate and navigate the environment you create from the inside out

  • Maintain accountability

  • Achieve some serious wins! You’ll know you’ve created an abundant mindset.


Don’t take my word for it.

I would like to thank James for the support and advice he has given me over the last three months. My low self confidence had got to a point of crisis to the extent that it was a major factor in me losing my job. James took me through a time line therapy process helping me understand where deep routed negative beliefs were coming from and then a process of recognizing limiting disempowering self talk and replacing these with empowering beliefs that are making a significant change to my behavior. The changes I have made so far with James’s help are beyond the highest expectations I had at the start of the process and I now have the tools to make self improvement a lifetime project
— Mike Bradley

You’ll gain a new ally and advocate who will listen to you, who won’t judge you, who will ask the right questions, and who will challenge you to gain a new perspective on what you think is possible. I’ll help you plan and execute realistic goals and hold you accountable every step of the way.

I’m here for you so you can be here for yourself. Simple.

If you are motivated to make a positive change in your life and believe I can help you, why not reach out and talk to me? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.





How are the sessions conducted?

  • The sessions are completed over Zoom Video Chat which is HIPAA compliant, secure, and reliable. A computer/ mobile device with a camera and microphone is required.

  • Each session is recorded with your permission to enable your coach to review the sessions at a later date to make additional observations if necessary.

  • Each session is typically 2 hours long for the first 3-5 sessions which gives you and your coach the time and space to dig deep and deal with whatever you discover there and then. This approach is time efficient and enables you to make progress quickly. Sessions become 1 hour long once most of the high-impact work has been completed.

  • The first 3 sessions should happen in the first 4 weeks where possible for continuity and maximum impact. After this, the sessions change to bi-weekly/ monthly.

  • Your coach will give you tasking to complete in-between sessions which should be completed in the agreed upon time frame.

How long should I get coaching for?

The amount of time spent with your coach varies from person to person based on:

  • The goal(s) you’d like to achieve.

  • How much work is required to get you from where you are now to where you’d like to be (some people are closer than others).

  • How much time and energy you are prepared to dedicate to making your goal(s) happen.

For most clients you can reasonably expect to work with your coach for no less than 10 hours over the course of 3 months, and not more than 20-25 hours over the course of 1 year.

For behavior changes such as phobias, habits, and other specific issues you may expect to achieve success in 6 hours or less.


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