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I met James last summer and he has been a blessing in every way! As a fellow Brit living in California we had an instant connection. I had moved here after a few very stressful years and while traditional counselling had helped me initially, I still held onto a number of fears/stresses/insecurities about my future and the decisions I was making. I had never heard about timeline therapy before meeting James and the English-side in me was initially slightly skeptical, but given that I was already embracing a new California lifestyle, I figured I would give it a go and be fully open to it. I am so glad I did!!! I’m not a very visual person and so during the sessions I was initially unsure if I was doing it correctly, but James was amazing at explaining the process and was able to keep me moving forward even when I got stuck. I had two sessions with James and I genuinely feel like he has changed my life! I’m currently making some big life decisions but as a result of timeline therapy with James, I am able to make them with a clear head and I feel confident that whatever the result, the decision I am making is the right one and I can just enjoy the journey I am going through in life without worrying about where it is leading me.
— Rebecca Zipfel
I met James a couple of years ago, quite by chance. I learned about Timeline Therapy and his success with previous clients from conversations we had and then he moved to San Diego and we weren’t in contact much after that. Two years later, I began to notice that for some reason I was interpreting events and circumstances in my life in a very negative way. I could see that the negativity wasn’t based on any evidence and still I wasn’t able to work out why I was thinking the way I was thinking. James immediately came to mind. I don’t like dwelling on details or the contents of my thoughts, what I wanted was someone who can address the structure of my thinking as a whole. I called James, he made himself immediately available and we got started. I have to admit, after only our first session I began to notice a significant change in my behaviour. That’s why I went back and we did only a few more sessions. James has a very impressive toolkit at his disposal and he has the confidence and experience necessary to get you unstuck. I also want to tell you that it’s you who has to do the work. Be ready to pay attention to your inner world, your thoughts and reactions to events.
— Dr. Samar Habib
James is an extraordinarily talented NLP practitioner and timeline therapist. I came to James with a lifelong phobia of needles. It was terrible. I couldn’t get blood drawn without passing out and being out of commission for the rest of the day, and I was ready to have this issue behind me. In a single two-hour session, James cleared up the underlying unconscious emotional issues. A week later, I went in to have my blood drawn and I handled it like it was no big deal. I walked out of there feeling victorious. It was honestly a miracle. He’s brilliant in his ability to assess what’s happening and intervene effectively, all while respectfully explaining what he’s doing and getting your buy-in along the way. This man deserves five stars for the powerful work he does!
— Peter Rubin
I cannot thank James enough for his time and guidance. James’ timeline therapy work has transformed my life in a variety of ways. His work has help me become completely unstuck in any capacity. I combine this work with my mindfulness work to have a total left brain/right brain balance in life. My direction has never been clearer, and I am enjoying the process along the way. Thank you for your help along the journey and for helping me find freedom.
— Matt Cooper
A very traumatic event happened in my life, but after 10 plus years of therapy with a traditional therapist, I knew I needed something else. After talking with James about timeline therapy, I was very skeptical, but I had nothing to lose. Soon after working with James I felt less anxiety and stress, I started making better decisions about a traumatic situation that was still going on. After three months things in my life started changing drastically. I am doing a lot better in my current job and feel confidence in myself. I almost forgot about the event that was holding me back from success and I can now laugh at it and move forward in life. Working with James has truly changed my life for the better. I highly recommend trying timeline therapy, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain and learn.
— Nerissa Lopez
James is an NLP and Time Line Therapy NINJA! A few sessions with James and things were simply better. Not only was my mood and personal energy improved but my body released so much stress that my crippling back pain was gone within a couple of weeks. James is not just good at what he does he is genuinely a great guy and there when you need him. The time line therapy works, the on-going life coaching works and I have and do recommend James to friends, family or anyone looking to better their lives.
— Bran D'ancona
James is incredible at what he does. I had no idea it was possible to become completely free of negative emotions in one session. He helped me pinpoint what was holding me back from my business success and let go of the emotions that weren’t serving me. My business has exploded in a matter of weeks, my confidence has increased, and my relationships have improved. I’d recommend him to anyone!
— Rebecca Smith
“I’m completely blown away by what we did today. I keep thinking about the memories that came up during our session and it’s as though I can’t even access the negative feelings that used to be associated with them. They’re just not there. It’s weird and awesome. Thank you!
— Kathryn McManus
I originally met James when he was a personal trainer at Fitness SF in Corte Madera, CA. As my personal trainer for almost one year, he was respectful, disciplined, and helped me achieve my fitness goals. I originally sought out a personal trainer to not only get me into better shape, but also to help with my anxiety which was incredibly high at the time. At this time he mentioned that he was also a life coach/therapist that who practiced Timeline therapy. At first I was skeptical of it because I had tried multiple therapeutic approaches to deal with my anxiety in the past, and they did not work so well. Despite that, I really liked James and could see that he had a lot of confidence with Timeline therapy. So I gave it try. After my session with James, I didn’t see too much of a difference in how my anxiety played out in my daily life. It wasn’t until about two weeks after our sessions that I started to notice how Timeline therapy was positively affecting my life. I was approaching stressful situations as they came and remained and calm and constructive. I also noticed that a lot of the things that previously worried me didn’t worry me so much anymore. Because of Timeline therapy, I feel that I have matured in my ability to handle my anxiety and any stressful situation that comes my way. 5 stars to James, he is the man!
— Nick L
Generally, I feel great! I feel much more calm, steady, and connected to myself. Any nervous energy has evaporated, and I’m better able to articulate myself. In heated situations this is very apparent, as I’m able to better tune into where I’m coming from while also relating to the other person. And I notice how much more positive I am. It’s great!

So great start so far. I’m feeling very happy in my relationships and sharing in fun, quality time with people.

Another thing that this has reinforced is that I want to be doing something different in my career. But what that something is is not clear just yet. I’m ok not focusing on this right now, but I’m looking forward to working on this when I’m back.
— Anonymous
Before I met James I was stuck in rut. Unable to perform to the best of my ability at work and unclear on the direction I wanted my career, and more importantly, my life to take.

A colleague introduced me to James and we immediately got on well. After our very first meeting I was able to identify the real reason for my below average performance; an internal conflict that I had not been fully aware of and that only became apparent through talking with James. Over the next few sessions, with the help of different NLP techniques, I was able to think clearly on my future and resolve the conflict in my subconscious. With each session I felt more and more positive and I was finally able to make the firm decision to take my life in a new direction, in order to secure my own happiness and the best future possible for my family.

I can safely say that I am happier now than I have been for years and with a bright future in front of me, all that is left to say is, thank you James.
— James King
James worked with a number of my staff as they progressed through a long and demanding engineering training program. He has an ability to carefully balance the needs of his coaching client with the needs of their line management and organization; building both rapport with the individual and trust within the organization. His skills, insight and guidance were instrumental in unlocking the potential of his clients in some very complex and difficult circumstances.
— Ed Higgins
James was incredibly helpful when I was having test anxiety before my GMAT exam. I felt like I was putting all my energy into studying and not seeing results on practice exams. He was able to give me a customized test anxiety hypnotherapy session before the exam and the next day I felt ready to take on the test and perform my best. And I did! I am truly grateful for James’s help and highly recommend him.
— Nealy Nimocks
My life coaching experience with James has opened my eyes to who I am, what makes me tick, and what my goals in life really are. His coaching skills made it easier for me deal with the changes that were occurring and face the fears that had been hindering me so much in the past.
— Maggie McDonald
James not only guides you through the techniques to heal you, he gives you the tools to take away and use whenever you need them to keep yourself on track. The effects of the sessions stay with you rather than disappearing at the start of a new day. It’s certainly been a challenge, but if you work with James and you’re honest with yourself you WILL feel the results and they will stay with you.
— Kevin Bampton
I would like to thank James for the support and advice he has given me over the last three months. My low self confidence had got to a point of crisis to the extent that it was a major factor in me losing my job. James took me through a time line therapy process helping me understand where deep routed negative beliefs were coming from and then a process of recognizing limiting disempowering self talk and replacing these empowering beliefs that are making a significant change to my behavior. The changes I have made so far with James’s help are beyond the highest expectations I had at the start of the process and I now have the tools to make self improvement a lifetime project.
— Mike Bradley
James is enthusiastic & encouraging. He is also resolutely practical and takes a very professional yet friendly approach, ensuring that you are able to benefit from therapy and coaching to identify goals & make tangible changes. I have no hesitation in recommending him highly. Expect a refreshing & balanced blend of mindful yet goal focussed support.

So I woke up & still when I look back, those feelings are absent. Honestly, that feels a little odd just now, but it is good not to have negative emotions there. It feels like now I can be more neutral about a lot of stuff, the loss of anger is not one I will mourn! and breakfast was good too - start as I mean to go on...
— Lucy Barlow
I owe you a massive thank you for taking the time to listen to me. I feel so much better just by talking to you and getting things off my chest that I have had for years, I have already righted some wrongs in my life and let some feelings drop. My husband said to me that it seems that I am happier in myself and I have become much easier to talk to. I woke up The next day after our session feeling ready for the day ahead and having a reason to get up, sort my life out, and get back on track. so for that I Thank you so much, and look forward to our next session!
— Emma Hunt
Through an abundant enthusiasm and energy James demonstrates clear quality and experience in his coaching sessions. Based on my own success professionally and personally in the output of his coaching I give my best recommendations to anyone who seeks an excellent coach.
Over a number of thematic sessions he systematically identified and approached my challenging areas in such a way that enabled me to see a wider view of what is needed to be done and to successfully follow through on my set goals and decisions. I am much grateful for James’s teachings and I continue to this day to benefit from his coaching sessions.
— Christian Stray
Thank you so much for your time and focus over the past couple of days. I woke up this morning and thought, its going to have worn off over night, but no! If I hadn’t experienced it, I wouldn’t believe it. Thanks again.
— Dr. Simon Horne
Working with James was a powerful and productive experience I have taken forward with me into the future. From the first time I met him he was welcoming and gave me complete confidence in his abilities, which is well deserved. James ensured he fully understood my situation, and seamlessly guided me to reach my own conclusions about the cause of my situation, and what I needed to do to take control of it and achieve my goals. I felt totally supported and motivated throughout, and can honestly say I might not have achieved the promotion, which has benefited both my professional and family life, without him
— Steven Pearce

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