Let go of limiting beliefs, limiting decisions, negative emotions, and strategies that aren't working for you


7 Days | 3 Certifications | A World of Possibilities.


About The 7 Day NLP Practitioner Certification Training

If you want to learn NLP and are looking to take a leap forward in your life, this course is the perfect place to start. Join James Segal & Ewan Mochrie for the 7-Day NLP, Time Line Therapy®, & Hypnosis Practitioner Certification Training held in San Diego, California. This training will show you step-by-step how to create a life filled with meaning, purpose, and abundance.

  • Discover what is holding you back and how to overcome it

  • Learn what you’re REALLY capable of and how to harness your strengths

  • Get to know your internal compass and how to follow it to succeed in all aspects of your life

  • Own a skillset filled with techniques to create lasting change in yourself and others in just minutes

  • And much more…

If you’re like most people interested in learning the mindset and skillset of NLP, you’re committed to living your best life and motivated to find out how good life can really get. Perhaps you’ve heard about how NLP has helped millions of people across the world to have the careers, relationships, and financial freedom they deserve. You may have also recognized your interest in helping others on this journey and now need the tool kit to help them.

This groundbreaking 7 day Certification in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnosis is the most comprehensive NLP training experience available today, and we stand by that statement from start to finish. There are no slow parts to this course, it is action packed and will impact every aspect of your life from now on.

In just 7 days you will earn 3 certifications from the worlds most recognized certification bodies in their respective fields. The American Board of NLP, The Time Line Therapy® Association, and The American Board of Hypnotherapy. This triple certification is only available from a hand full of individuals globally and represents the most comprehensive tool kit available for creating personal and professional change today.


Meet Your Trainers


Trainer of NLP/ NLP Master Coach/ Master Practitioner of Hypnosis/ Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®

Since 2014 James has trained and coached hundreds of people to success in both the U.K. & U.S. He supports driven professionals to let go of what holds them back and to create the life they want using NLP, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnosis. James served for over a decade in The Royal Navy ending his military career as The Lead Coach & Behavioral Trainer at The Royal Navy’s largest training establishment.

Considered to be one of personal development’s rising stars in The U.S. James is the creator of the powerful one day event ‘The Day That Changed Your Life’ in which he shares life altering concepts, stories, and techniques that empower and inspire.

James was originally trained by Ewan Mochrie and is now excited to be teaming up with his friend and mentor to bring his vision of NLP training excellence to The U.S.


Master Trainer of NLP / Master Trainer of Hypnosis/ Trainer of Time Line Therapy®/Master Coach Trainer

Since 2006 Ewan has had the pleasure of certifying many NLP Practitioners & NLP Master Practitioners across the UK and around the world. He also supports many multi-national organizations and small business owners by delivering NLP bespoke training programs and Executive Coaching sessions to enhance business performance and improve communication skills. 

Ewan was originally trained by Dr. Tad James, one of the most recognized developers of NLP worldwide and is one of only 12 people worldwide, including Dr’s Tad & Adriana James, to hold the title of NLP Master Trainer.

In his words “It is only through change and learning that growth is possible.  There is no better way to serve others than to help them to learn and grow for themselves.”


Preparation For The NLP Practitioner Training

On booking your place, we provide you access to our comprehensive e-learning platform to begin your pre-course, designed to support your learning of NLP and on going development.  The NLP Practitioner Training provides an interactive and informal structure, so when you attend a 7-day training your NLP skills will come alive.  You will receive thorough instruction including demonstration of skills and techniques, lots of discussion so that you completely understand the materials, and plenty of hands on practical assessment and support throughout.

The NLP Practitioner Training is run as follows:

Step 1 – Pre-course study (Via our E-Learning Platform – includes audio, video, pdfs and books)

Step 2 – Attend a 7-Day Classroom Training

Step 3 – Assessment & Certification (completed during the 7-day classroom training)

NLP techniques are increasingly coming to the forefront of people’s requirements because they are so practical and adaptable in everyday life.  They regularly feature in many Leadership, Coaching and Communications programmes across the world.  So, on this NLP Practitioner Training, expect to experience:

–        First Class Demonstrations

–        Individual Coaching & Support

–        Question & Answer Sessions

–        Practical Group Assessments

–        Skill Building Exercises

Don’t wait! start your journey today with the NLP, Time Line Therapy® & Hypsosis Practitioner Certification online pre course study package!

  • Total Training Cost – Regularly: $2,395 - Early Enrollment: $2,049 (before August 1st)

  • Payment Plans Available

  • Additional Discounts Available For Multiple Attendees

  • Training Price Includes Access To Our Online NLP Practitioner Audio & Video Program, & Time Line Therapy® & The Basis of Personality (book)

  • $695 Deposit To Secure Your Seat

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What Is Covered In My 7 Day NLP Practitioner Training?

This is an extensive NLP Practitioner Program, and over the entire duration of the training you will cover approximately 120 hours of practical, results-driven technology that will open up your thinking, help you to fully understand behaviour, and put you back in touch with both your conscious and unconscious thinking.  You will experience a collection of skills, knowledge and expertise which offer you the opportunity to become fully aware of how people communicate, evolve, learn, change and develop.


–        The History, Study & Structure of NLP

–        The applications of NLP and how to use it

–        Using the Presuppositions of NLP

–        Fully understand Rapport at both conscious and unconscious levels

–        Learn the value of increased ‘Sensory Acuity’

–        Know how the mind works – the processes and the programming

–        Learn how to replicate ‘Models of Excellence’


–        Utilising body language for effective communication

–        How we filter our information to produce our behaviour

–        Observing what is REALLY going on in people’s minds

–        Create positive, long-lasting change in others

–        The conscious use of language – Milton & Meta model approaches

–        Empowered responsibility – Cause & Effect thinking

–        How we represent the world using our 5 senses

–        Know how to interpret eye movements that represent a person’s thought processes


–        Sub-modalities and how they can modify the way we think

–        Swish Patterns to create compelling futures

–        Remove old habits and unwanted feelings, and install new ways of thinking and behaving

–        Take control of your thinking with the power of Anchoring

–        Understand strategies to make better decisions, and align values, beliefs and behaviours

–        Eliminate phobias that effect your life

–        Know how to find the root cause of a problem

–        Resolve internal conflict using Parts Integration

–        Let go of negative emotions, limiting decisions and unwanted beliefs with Time Line Therapy™

–        Relax and make changes at the unconscious level with Hypnotherapy techniques


–        The power of Metaphors

–        The ability to anchor positive states

–        The importance of Language & Chunking

–        Skilfully questioning and listening

–        Expertly framing & re-framing to open up change

–        Learn the linguistic secrets of renowned hypnotherapist Milton H. Erickson

–        Using trance to improve health and unleash the power of suggestion

–        NLP for Goals, Outcomes and Coaching

–        Effective NLP for Sales & Negotiation

–        The power of NLP in Therapy

By learning, understanding and developing your knowledge of NLP, you are opening up new opportunities and unused resources to create a better future for yourself and others.

Our NLP Practitioner Training is popular with many professionals in Healthcare, Education, Finance, Recruitment, Sales, Marketing, IT, Media, Therapy, and Coaching to name a few, because it makes a difference to the individual’s growth and development, whilst also reaching the people they work with so that the whole organization can benefit from the process.

What Certifications Will I Gain During The Training?

–        NLP Practitioner Certificate (Accredited by the ABNLP)

–        Time Line Therapy® Practitioner (Accredited by the TLTA™)

–        Hypnotherapy Practitioner (Accredited by the ABH)

Professional certifications.png