Let go of limiting beliefs, limiting decisions, negative emotions, and strategies that aren't working for you
James Segal Educator



James helps people to breakthrough their limitations and transform from who they are now, into who they have the potential to be.

His clients come to him because they are facing roadblocks on their pathway to success and as a result, feel frustrated, stuck, and motivated to make a change. James helps them clear the obstacles, let go of the frustration, and gain clarity on their vision and pathway for success. The result is a fulfilling life, an abundant mindset, and the development of a powerful capacity to help others.


James has adopted his bold and unique approach to creating fast & sustainable change, having transformed his own life using it at the age of 24. Before transitioning into full time coaching in The U.S. James served for over a decade in The Royal Navy, finishing his career as the lead behavioral trainer and performance coach at the largest military training establishment in Europe. In addition to coaching all ranks to success, he designed and delivered a wide variety of courses in coaching & mentoring, communication, learning techniques, and emotional intelligence.


James lives with his partner Jessica in San Diego California. They met in Barcelona in 2010 and got married in Marin in Northern California in 2013. She continues to support and encourage James to do what he loves most and is a passionate advocate for gender and reproductive rights; working as the head of a team of sexual health educators serving the San Diego South Bay area. They love animals and share their lives’ with their two cats Stanley and Penelope. Working from home, James supports his clients who come from all over the world remotely via video chat, as well as accepting teaching and speaking opportunities wherever they appear.


James is a life long learner who loves to get out of his comfort zone and try new ways of doing things. He enjoyed his university studies in psychology focusing on organizational culture and structure and went on to be trained and personally mentored by NLP Master Trainer Ewan Mochrie. James is recognized as a Neur-Linguistic Programming Master Coach, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®, Master Hypnotist, certified adult educator, and NASM certified personal trainer.