How Running For The Bus Will Change Your Life - The Power of Self Belief


I was once asked to speak at a TedX hosted in Los Gatos California. I was asked to share how I’m successful as a coach, and if I had an idea worth sharing with 3 million people, what would it be?

I took a lot of thought over this and spent hours and hours over days and eventually weeks writing and re-writing what I would say. One day I got up from the café I was furiously working in on Union Street, San Francisco, and made my way to the bus stop to go home. As I approached the cross walk a short distance from the bus stop I saw the bus pass me. I waited with anticipation until the man on the crossing turned white indicating a green light for me and I went for it! I ran as fast as I could, watching the bus and hoping for it to stay where it was. I got to the doors as the last person boarded and I walked on as if I was the next in line, out of breath and grateful to be heading home. 

As I sat in my seat It dawned on me! If I could share an idea with 3 million people, it is this. RUN FOR THE BUS. It isn’t about the act itself, rather it is a framework through which to think. I could have seen the bus and thought ‘I’ll never make it’, and would I ever know if I could have or not? It is the thought process that says ‘go for it anyway’. Try and make it, if you don’t you will be in the same situation you would have been in if you didn’t try. But maybe you will make it, and get home that much earlier to spend quality time with your partner as I did that day.

Running for the bus is a powerful metaphor for anyone who rules out the possibility of success before they even attempt the task. Whatever you think you are, you are more. So run for the bus! Go for it! What do you have to lose? And what do you stand to gain?

Thanks for reading!

James Segal