What Is Time Line Therapy®?


Time Line Therapy® is believed to be the fastest and most painless method available to systematically uncover and remove all negative emotions, phobias and traumas. Dr Tad James developed and perfected this technique. He is considered one of the worlds leading experts in Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The process is fast, effective, and permanent.

How it works

We all store time in our minds as an organized sequence of events, which allows us to be able to make the distinction between what has happened 2 weeks ago and 2 years ago. 

The way your mind stores memories can be used to select all of the events featuring a specific emotion, such as anger, enabling you to successfully locate and process them in order. 

The techniques are all carried out through a guided visualization of moving along that time line and dealing with any unresolved negative emotions, phobias, limiting decisions or beliefs you have about yourself which are impacting your life.

The techniques are designed to be sustainable and non-traumatic, enabling even the most difficult of experience to be dealt with so you can move forward.

The benefits

  • Let go of negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, rejection, frustration, shame, disgust, and anything else you want)

  • Reduce your stress

  • Increase your positivity

  • Reduce your negative self talk

  • Remove any limiting beliefs you have about yourself

  • Remove limiting decisions

  • Remove any trauma/ phobias

  • Establish new ways of thinking, feeling, and acting

  • Set goals at the unconscious level

  • Access positive and resourceful states to perform at your best

  • Significantly improve the quality of your relationships & communication

  • Gain more clarity, objectivity, and peace of mind, and much more.

Time Line Therapy® has helped me shape my life in a way that excites and energizes me everyday. I was lost before I experienced it and I now dedicate my life to working with others to help them let go of what holds them back, and to create the future they deserve.

I’m completely blown away by what we did today. I keep thinking about the memories that came up during our session and it’s as though I can’t even access the negative feelings that used to be associated with them. They’re just not there. It’s weird and awesome. Thank you!
— Kathryn McManus

Thanks for reading!

James Segal