How Your Emotional State Impacts Your Performance - What To Expect From Your Transformational Coaching Experience


What is an emotional state? And how does it impact my life?

Most people have heard someone say ‘i’m not in the right state/ frame of mind’ to do something, right? This refers to how your thoughts, feelings, and actions are what creates your experience. Each thought you have, triggers a feeling, which then creates an action. This combination refers to your 'state' which can be both positive & resourceful, such as happy, confident, competent, motivated, etc. Or negative & un-resourceful, such as unhappy, sad, incompetent, doubtful, not confident, not motivated, etc.

Because your state is directly linked to your behavior, your ability to succeed in anything you do is directly linked to your ability be in positive & resourceful states when its time to act. If you think you are not going to do a good job on a task, you may feel unsure, unconfident, and hesitant. You will then act accordingly. Picture someone about to give a speech who feels confident, vs someone who is not confident. Their posture, tone, and body language matches doesn't it?

Therefore, if you want to succeed at whatever you pursue, you need to be in positive & resourceful states as often as possible.

How does this inform my work with clients?

Normally when someone decides to work with me, they give me one or two symptoms they would like to get rid of, such as anxiety around public speaking, or a lack of motivation at work. When we start working to find the root causes of these symptoms, we always find a greater problem, which has many symptoms representing it, in various aspects of their life.

For example, the anxiety around public speaking (symptom) may lead us to a lack of self esteem and a fear of rejection (greater problem), which stemmed from a difficult social life at school, and perhaps a parent with unreasonably high expectations for you to live up to. Now, what seemed like a reasonably surface issue, is not so easily brushed off. We have to go deeper.

By removing the negative emotions around the greater problem (the root cause found in the past), you will start a domino effect of removing the symptoms created by it, which may expand to more than just the problems you asked to work on. Over time, you may notice all sorts of things change. This is because you will now naturally find yourself in more positive & resourceful states more of the time. Therefore changing what you think, feel, and then do from now on.

What can you expect as a result of breakthrough work?

By the time we complete our sessions together, you will have developed a new and greater understanding of who you are under the surface, and how and why you do what you do. You will have let go of negative emotions, and will have new beliefs about what you are capable of, and about how you perceive the world around you. Believe it or not, what comes next is the hard part. With a change in perception, comes a change in reality. You are likely to think about things differently, and be motivated in different ways, and by different things than you were previously. Things that used to annoy you, may not anymore, and things you used to do, may not have a purpose in your new reality. You are still you. Just without the baggage.

Over the next 12-24 months you may change a number of elements in your life, such as your career, social life, how you communicate, and what your goals are. This is normal, and I'll be around to support you as you go along. Patience and acceptance are key.

Thanks for reading!

James Segal