Why NLP Is The Future In Coaching


When I first started coaching, I was amazed by the successful outcomes people could create once they had come to recognize and organize their goals, resources, and assets. Until one day I was working with someone who, no matter how I helped her to reframe her experience, and no matter what traditional coaching exercises and techniques I used, couldn't move forward from her 'stuck state'.

I was very fortunate to have a very highly trained and experienced coach as my coaching supervisor and mentor who I consulted. He and I agreed she had emotional trauma in her past which had most likely created limiting beliefs, internal conflict, and negative emotions, which required a more in-depth approach to resolve these issues. I was disappointed I couldn't help her, and decided I would gain new skills that would enable me to help people with these deep rooted and complex challenges moving forward.

A friend of mine who was also a coach, had recently attended his practitioner course in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnotherapy, and was excited to tell me about it and share what he'd learned. I was sold and immediately booked myself on the next course. When I had completed it, I realized I now had the exact skill set I needed to accelerate my coaching practice, and expand my scope dramatically! 

Now, when I was faced with a client who had everything they needed to make a meaningful change in their life, and were simply 'stuck', I could help them unlock new resources, and get moving! I got more than I had asked for too. I now had the ability to remove phobias, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, limiting decisions, and help my clients create the pathway to a compelling future, all in a fraction of the time of traditional coaching and therapy!

A few hundred clients later, and as I look back, I can honestly say I have had the privilege of working with the most amazing people who i’ve helped get over some serious issues and to achieve the life they want. There’s no question, I've been challenged, and I've never not had the resources to help them. As a result, my reputation has grown to ensure regular referrals from not only past clients, but other coaches and therapists who don't have the techniques and methods to help their clients quickly and easily.

If you're a coach, or are aspiring to be one, one of the biggest questions you ask your clients is, and will be, 'who do you know that has already successfully done what you want to do?' In our case, the answer is Tony Robbins. Tony Robbins was one of the first people trained in NLP, and uses it in all aspects of his work and life. His earlier seminars are literally about NLP, and while he no longer uses the name 'NLP', as demonstrated recently in his documentary shown on Netflix 'I Am Not Your Guru' he has armies of NLP Coaches behind the scenes who use the techniques and methods to help attendees to have the break throughs they are looking for.

In a nutshell, if you want to have the highest quality of life, and spend your life helping others to do the same, becoming an NLP Coach is the right move for you.  

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