Why Letting Go of The Past With Time Line Therapy® Will Give You The Competitive Edge In Business


If you're in business I don't have to tell you about the importance of communication, empathy, and the ability to be in the right state of mind when it's time to make that presentation, close that new account, or have that difficult conversation with a member of your team.

Your ability to perform at your best is directly linked to your ability to be in the right state of mind when the time comes. What you think, determines what you feel, which then determines what you do. If you think a project is too big for you, you may feel overwhelmed; your body language and actions will match. 

Imagine you were playing a virtual game in which you had to make a person from scratch and then program them to do things such as hold a meeting, teach a seminar, or meet with a prospective client about the possibility of working together. You can't tell them what to do or say, you can only give them emotional states that you believe will achieve the best outcomes. If it were me, i'd probably give my virtual person confidence, competence, creativity, and motivation to succeed. What states would you give yours?

Now as you think about how you feel when you go through your working life. Think of specific times and tasks you've experienced, and ask yourself If you are experiencing anything other than ideal states of mind that you would give to your virtual character in the same situations. If you are, you have some changes to make. 

By using Time Line Therapy® techniques to systematically let go of the emotional baggage which is influencing your thoughts, feelings, and actions - outside of your conscious awareness, you will be able to remain more objective, take things less personally, understand how and why someone thinks the way they do, and most importantly: be able to connect with all the positive states you need to when the time comes, regardless of circumstances.

Those i've worked with have gone on to experience career successes and directly attributed their ability to advance to the work we did together.

Being the best version of you, in all aspects your life, means letting go of the past so you can create the future you want. What are you waiting for?

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